Here at 123 Moving and Storage we take pride in our recycling efforts. All of our internal documents are printed on reused scratch paper and we have taken significant strides to becoming paperless altogether. We also strongly believe in giving back, thus, every Friday we donate furniture and other items to Habitat for Humanity.

If you would like to donate to Habitat for Humanity directly you can get tax deductions, help keep good reusable items out of landfills, and even receive recognition as a supporter. If you are looking to buy home improvement items at a fraction of the cost you can also visit one of their ReStore locations (located in Gardena and Norwalk). Some examples of items that can be donated are furniture, cabinets, lighting, windows, doors, tile, flooring, appliances, tools, books, artwork, sporting equipment, lumber, drywall, bricks or blocks, and just about anything around the home. If you would like to get involved or have any more questions give them a call at (424) 246-3637, and let them know 123 Moving and Storage told you to call.


We Come 2 U Storage Estimator

This estimator will help you assess your storage needs, however, for a detailed, specific estimate we're happy to help. Call us at (310) 618-8120.

We know estimates are only approximate and your actual needs may vary so feel free to order as many units as you like -- we don’t charge unless you use them!

Your Home Is Home Size
sq. ft.
No. of 8x5x7 Units
more info
Studio < 600 1
What fits inside…
1 BDRM 600 – 800
800 – 1000
1 – 2
What fits inside…
2 BDRM 1000 – 1200
1200 – 1500
2 – 3
What fits inside…
3 BDRM 1500 – 1800
1800 – 2000
3 – 4
What fits inside…
4 BDRM 2000 – 2400
2400 – 2800
5 – 6
What fits inside…