8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Selecting a company to store your valuables and some of your most prized possessions should not be a hasty one. There are many different things to keep in mind or ask on the phone when doing your research to find a suitable storage company for you and your belongings.

1. Where are your belongings stored?
Many storage companies have several different locations. If a company comes and picks up your belongings to take to a storage facility, where exactly is that facility located? You’ll want to know exactly where your stuff is being stored, in case you need to access it. All We Come 2 U storage units are stored in our South Bay warehouse.

2. Are your belongings safe?
What is the security situation in the storage facility in which your belongings will be stored? If any of your belongings are irreplaceable, you will especially want to look into what type of security measures a storage company has in place to keep your stuff safe. Ask if they have security guards or surveillance systems, both of which We Come 2 U Storage utilizes to keep your things safe!

3. How will you be charged?
You always want to be sure you clearly understand how you will be billed for your storage. Some companies may prorate if you start your storage period in the middle of a month. You should also make sure you know exactly what day each month you will be charged, if recurring billing is set up. At We Come 2 U, we bill you the day a storage container is delivered and continue billing on the same day monthly until you are finished using the container.

4. How much space do you have?
Some companies offer a plethora of different storage sizes at different prices. Find out how much space you actually need. To keep things simple, We Come 2 U offers one universal storage unit size of 5x7x8, which can hold one to one and a half rooms’ worth of stuff, or 40-50 medium boxes. However, if you do not fill up an entire storage vault, our units are equipped with tie downs to make sure your belongings do not move around during transportation.

5. When can your belongings be picked up/dropped off?
If you’re going the portable storage route, you will want to schedule your storage units to be delivered, and then hauled off with your belongings inside. In the event of an emergency, this might need to be sooner rather than later! Ask about same-day delivery and pick up, which We Come 2 U provides!

6. How can you access your belongings while they’re in storage?
Some companies provide you a key to use to access your storage unit during certain hours, while others are open 24/7… Find out how you can access your belongings while they are stored away. For optimal security, We Come 2 U lets you access your storage unit on a reservation basis, and has same-day delivery.

7. Can I get help loading my belongings into storage?
You may not have a team of willing friends to help you haul your belongings into a storage unit, in which case you’ll have to weigh your options about how exactly to handle the labor! If you do not want to handle the task on your own, We Come 2 U has helpers for hire to assist with moving your stuff.

8. What are the hours of the storage facility?
It would be awfully inconvenient if the storage facility where your belongings are being kept was only open when you are at work! You may find that some facilities are closed during certain days of the week. Make sure you are clear on when you have access to the storage facility. We Come 2 U is open 7 days a week, and can accommodate special access requests.

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