7 Tips for Moving with a Dog

A move can be a very stressful time for your dog, and even the best behaved dogs can act out of character. Here are 7 tips to help you move with your puppy.

    Things To Do Before you Move

  1. Research the New Area

  2. Surprisingly some areas have breed specific legislation on dogs, which means certain dog breeds could have restrictions such as being spay or neutered and even banned. Make sure there are no laws in place that prevent you from bringing your loved pet to your new home, or take the steps you need to take to make sure your dog meets all the cities requirements.

  3. Check in with your Vet

  4. Get all the records you need such as vaccination records and medication records from your vet. If your dog suffers from car sickness you might want to get some sleep meds from your pet’s doctor as well. Also, ask your vet if they can recommend any veterinary clinics in your new area.

  5. Pack a Pet Essentials Box

  6. Pack a box or bag so you can easily get to all the things your dog will need. Things that would go in this doggy essentials bundle would be food, a leash, toys, waste bags, and grooming tools.

  7. Update your Dogs Tag Info

  8. Update your Dogs Tag info with your new information. This includes your new address and most importantly make sure the phone number is up to date. Also, it is smart to get your dogs microchipped before the move as well or update the microchip if they already have one.

    Things To Do on Move Day

  9. Transport your Dog in Your Vehicle

  10. This one seems obvious, but keep your dog in your vehicle on move day as opposed to in the moving truck. You can also get a dog seat belt or place them in a kennel to make sure they don’t distract you from the road.

  11. Keep Your Pet in A Secure Area

  12. You want to place your pet in the quietest area possible, maybe that means you need to clear out a room and keep them there. Also, make sure they have food, water, and that the temperature is safe. You can also keep your dog at a friend’s house or a pet hotel.

  13. Check up on Them Regularly

  14. Every hour or so check up on your dog to see how he or she is doing. If they are in a kennel for the whole time make sure you take them out for a walk, so they can get some movement and take a potty break.

    Another, tip specifically for long distance moves is to plan your trip accordingly. Meaning make sure that the hotels you are going to stay in allow dogs (most do not). If you also have a cat read our blog post on tips for moving with a cat.