9 Tips for an Easy Summer Move

Summertime is the busiest moving season of the year and can be one of the least convenient times to move. But, sometimes this is just what fits our schedules and the kids are out of school. To make any Summer move easier and more efficient, our team at 1,2,3 Moving & Storage have come up with a list of 9 things that will make any move as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. DON’T move in the Summer!

  2. It’s the busiest season with the highest costs. According to US Census data, nearly 65 percent of all moves take place from May to September. Moving in the summer is like trying to book a flight on Thanksgiving or Christmas; prices are higher, schedules are squeezed and the industry simply doesn’t have enough capacity to meet the demand. If you can’t avoid moving in the summer, which is probably the case since you’re reading this article… don’t worry take a deep breath and keep reading we have solutions for you.

  3. PLAN ahead.

  4. No matter when you are moving it is always important to plan. We recommend starting your research early, begin planning a couple months ahead of your move date, and book your movers at least six weeks ahead of time.

  5. Schedule your move day on the LEAST BUSY days of the week.

  6. Book your move day in the middle of the weekday in the middle of the month. Most people move in the beginning or end of the month, so picking a day in the middle will ensure you get your day and best price. Especially avoid Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July – those are the 1st and 2nd busiest moving days of the year.


  8. Most people want to save money by packing themselves, but work obligations and life gets in the way. Packing is one of the most tedious of tasks and it can also be overwhelming causing people to procrastinate. We find that a lot of people who pack themselves don’t finish in time. This forces movers to wait until the packing is done, which ends up increasing the price anyway. The time and headache isn’t worth packing yourself, consider having the movers (who are also trained on proper packing methods) do your packing for you.

  9. Plan for some LEEWAY TIME in your SCHEDULE.

  10. Always add in enough time for something to delay the move. The possibilities are endless; from truck breakdowns to unforeseen personal circumstances. And most importantly, plan to take an extra day off from work. If you end up not needing it, you get to have a day of relaxation (which we all need).

  11. Know what NOT to put in the moving van.

  12. Candles can melt all over your other stuff and although it might smell good having melted wax all over your items isn’t a good thing. Leather furniture will “sweat” when wrapped in plastic (cut slits in the plastic wrap to let that leather couch breathe). If CD’s, videos and cassette tapes are in a hot truck for too long it can warp them and they will no longer work. Plan ahead to keep delicate items out of the heat and make sure you keep your items outside in direct sunlight for as little as possible.

  13. BE KIND to the movers.

  14. Offer your movers some water. They’ll most likely have their own, but they will definitely appreciate the gesture. They are moving all your items including that ridiculously heavy couch, that old tube TV going into donation, and your 500 lb safe. If it’s financially feasible for you to provide lunch, it’s a gesture of goodwill that goes a long way.

  15. PLAN carefully for your KIDS on moving day.

  16. Your children will need a safe place to play, nap and stay out of the way of the moving crew. It’s probably best to find someone to babysit for them at both ends of the move (this is what in-laws are for right?). Keep all important documents like transcripts, vaccination records, birth certificate, and others you might need to register your child at a new school. And to help the kids meet other kids their age in the new neighborhood before school starts, check out local camps, sports leagues and special kid-friendly events to ease their transition into their new community. Read our post on moving with kids.

  17. PLAN for your PETS.

  18. Make arrangements for your pets, in particular dogs and cats. Keep them away from the movers. You can put them in a kennel, take them to a friend’s house, or have them stay at a pet hotel/spa (there are a bunch around LA). The yard is not a good choice for animals during a move, it’s hot, the movers will most likely have to use the back door for large items, and they could leave the yard gate open.