Planning Your Move

A key part of making your move as stress free as possible is to plan ahead. Procrastination is one of your worst enemies when it comes to moving. We recommend that you start your moving process 30 days in advanced.

Four Weeks before you Move

  • Check your home and decide which items you will not be taking with you to your new home (items to be thrown out or donated).
  • Get medical and dental records from your doctors and dentists and ask if they can refer you to any new doctors in your new neighborhood.
  • If you’re moving from a leased home notify the landlord and request your deposit back.

Three Weeks before you Move

  • Plan to use up your perishable food since it cannot be transported.
  • Notify the Post Office of your move and get a change-of-address form. (complete a form for each person who gets mail at your home)

Two Weeks before you Move

  • Notify utility companies to discontinue service in old home.
  • Arrange utility connection in new home.
  • Arrange cable/satellite disconnection old home.
  • Arrange cable/satellite/internet connection in new home.
  • Plan where all furniture items will be placed in your new home.

One Week before you Move

  • Set aside items you want for your car ride and 1st few days at the new place.
  • Clear out your fridge a day or two before move day and let it defrost and dry.

Remember to writing labels on boxes with a description to identify the items and their location, also it is best to write the labels on the side of boxes so you can still read it when they are stacked on top of each other.