Moving or Jail? That Is The Question.

Being in the moving business, for more years than I wish to count, we’ve always known just how stressful and anxiety provoking moving actually is. We are very familiar with all of the surveys that say MOVING is the third most stressful thing that a person has to deal with in their life – only trailing DEATH and DIVORCE!

But this actually caught us by surprise; “Study: One in ten Americans prefer a week in jail over moving

“Who’d a thunk it” (for those of us old enough to know who Mortimer Snerd was). Nonetheless, it appears that one in ten Americans are willing to go to jail for a week rather than move.

So the question beckons; What can we, the moving company, do to help make your moving experience better? Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Most important, only hire a licensed mover or moving company. Why? There is a reason the State of California requires strict licensing for moving companies. First and foremost, they have to be properly insured. That means besides having a wide variety of insurance to potentially cover your personal belongings, they must carry Workers Compensation Insurance. This is important. If one of the workers gets hurt on your property and the company you hired does not have Workers Compensation Insurance, you may be potentially liable. If you are moving in California you can check if your moving company is licensed here.
  • Don’t be worried about asking questions. We love to help prepare you in advance of your move.
  • Make sure your moving company provides a complete estimate so there are no surprise charges or fees.
  • Packing – Start well in advance of your move. If you hire us to pack, as well as move, allow for the extra time it will take on move day. Our goal is to move all of your items safely. If you pack yourself, ask us in advance for the proper amount of supplies; or for some helpful packing hints so all your items arrive safely.
  • Label Everything! This will save a lot of time placing items into the appropriate location at your new home.
  • Personal Documents and Valuable Items: we encourage you take your most personal documents and valuable items with you. Passports and Jewelry are excellent examples of things that you should consider moving yourself. If you cannot – make sure to identify them in advance with your moving company.
  • High Value Furniture/Art/Wine. Make sure the moving company is aware of these items so they can be cared for properly. Especially Art and Wine, as they may require special handling.
  • “Special/Necessary Items” like medical supplies or a child’s most important toys. Make sure the moving company labels the box so they can be easily accessed at your destination.

Finally, let the movers do the work and heavy lifting – that’s what we do. Try to enjoy the chance to declutter, or the thought of the new home you are moving to. Hopefully, at the end of your move, you’ll be glad you chose a great moving company that helped make your moving experience less stressful than a week behind bars.

– The Artful Mover –