Managed Storage in Los Angeles

If you are looking to store your items in storage without having to do all the tedious manual labor and organizing, then you are looking for managed storage services. You have found Los Angeles’ top experts in managed storage. Managed storage is unique compared to self-storage or mini storage since we do all the lifting, transporting, and organizing into the unit(s).

We store all of our clients 5ft x 7ft x 8ft storage units in our secure warehouses in Los Angeles. Our movers are trained to use the storage unit’s space efficiently as possible. For oversized items that do not fit inside our 5x7x8 containers we use a state-of-the-art racking system. A copy of a detailed inventory list is left with every client and can also be emailed. This inventory list is perfect for when you want to retrieve any specific item.

Delivery of items can be arranged individually or all together. If you are looking to pick-up your items directly from our warehouse you can schedule a time during business hours with a 24 hour notice. We have personnel at our loading docks with the proper training and tools to assist in the retrieval of your items. Also, please bring your ID on the day of your scheduled pick-up – we perform ID checks to ensure that only authorized visitors are allowed into our facility.

If you are looking for a more D-I-Y approach that is also more cost efficient try our mobile storage units that can be stored on-site or in our warehouse.

managed storage vault
inside managed storage vault

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