Moving or Jail? That Is The Question.

Being in the moving business, for more years than I wish to count, we’ve always known just how stressful and anxiety provoking moving actually is. We are very familiar with all of the surveys that say MOVING is the third most stressful thing that a person has to deal with in their life – only trailing DEATH and DIVORCE!

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How to Pack Medium-Sized Boxes

tips on packing a medium box

Knowing how to pack things the right way before you start packing is extremely important for a smooth move. Here at 123 Moving and Storage we try our best to prepare our current and prospective clients for any move. In this post we will be focusing on how to pack medium sized boxes. Medium sized boxes are industry standard sized boxes that can be used for a number of common household items. After following these simple tips you’ll feel like an expert medium-sized-box-packer!

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