Beverly Hills Interesting Stats

Beverly Hills Statistics

Interesting Statistics about Beverly Hills

Some interesting facts about about residents in Beverly Hills includes many are foreign born individuals with more than a quarter of the population being born outside of the United States at 37%. Most people in Beverly Hills are educated with 59% of the population having at least a college degree, which is well above the national average of 21.84%. Also, a whopping 96% of Beverly Hills residents work white-collar jobs. 12% of the Beverly Hills population telecommute or work from home, which might not sound like much but it is much higher than the national average. Also, the homes in Beverly Hills are more expensive than most the rest country with a median home value of $3.24 million.

Beverly Hills’ iconic points of interest

Beverly Hills Sign
Beverly Garden Park, this park features the iconic beverly hills sign and is home to many gardens.
Greystone Mansion, a 55 room mansion that now serves as a public park it is also used as sets for famous films such as Spiderman, The Social Network, and the award winning There Will Be Blood.
“Golden Triangle”, where you can find plenty of luxury-good stores on Rodeo Drive and also see the Walk of Style where fashion icons are honored.