Malibu Interesting Stats

Interesting Statistics about Malibu

Statistics about Malibu California
Malibu is a relatively small coastal city, ranking as the 382nd largest community in California. Malibu is home to some of the most expensive houses in the state and country with a median home value of $4.07 million. Malibu residents are mainly white-collar, with over 95% of the workforce having white-collar jobs. It is also home to many artists, designers, and people working in media, and is in the top 10% of communities in America with artist/creative types. Malibu also has a high population of its workforce working in jobs that involve computers and math ranking in the top 5%; and they have one of the highest populations that work from home with 24.16% of the workforce telecommuting or working from home. It is also a relatively highly educated community with 61.25% having college degrees compared to the 21.84% national average.

Malibu’s iconic points of interest

Getty Villa in MalibuGetty Villa, this museum is home to a collection of 44,000 Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities dating from 6,500 BC to 400 AD.
Malibu Bluffs Park, 10 acre park with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. This park is perfect for whale watching or having picnics.
Surfrider Beach, is a perfect spot to catch some waves, go fishing, or play some volleyball.