12 Halloween Costumes Made from Moving Boxes

Halloween is around the corner. If you haven’t gotten your costume yet and want something unique check out these fun DIY costumes made from used moving boxes. Made using a water heater box, but could easily be made using a wardrobe box. Refrigerator with a Severed Head coolest-homemade-costumes.com
Get fancy with Boxed Wine Boxed Wine Costume instructables.com Get your groove on with this iPod made from a medium sized box iPod popsugar.com Kid’s building blocks Costume (the round parts can also be drawn on) building blocks costume countryliving.com Take a chance with this dice costume Dice costume cutoutandkeep.net Bubble wrap and a box will give you this sparkly clean costume Costume made from moving supplies pinterest.com Strawberry or Grape? Nerds Candy costume made from moving boxes pinterest.com Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? sponge bob costume made from moving box pinterest.com Barbie and Ken for you couples out there Barbie and Ken costume made from Moving boxes pinterest.com This one is cute, just don’t strap down your baby inside with zip ties Cabbage patch costume mad from moving box coolest-handmade-costumes.com Why aren’t there many popcorn jokes? Because, they are corny! popcorn costume made from moving box costumepop.com Hope you enjoyed these interesting costumes made from boxes. Please leave a comment and let us know your favorite or what you thought. Happy Halloween!