Moving Essentials

If you try moving without the following moving essentials you are making things much more difficult on yourself. Check out these moving essentials for any move big or small and local or long distance!


The dolly will help you carry heavy items for long distances without hurting yourself, and you can stack boxes to make your move go by much quicker.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap your furniture to protect it from dirt and stains, also use it to secure drawers from moving around.

Moving Blanket

Use a moving blanket to protect your furniture from getting any scuffs.


Use tape for making boxes and securing blankets or shrink wrap, also use it to put labels on things you can’t write on.


After repetitively lifting items your hand may begin to hurt, or you could even get blisters. Protect your hands with some work gloves.

Box Cutter

You will eventually need to open your boxes. Use a knife or box cutter to easily cut the tape to open the boxes.


Sharpies® are our personal favorite. Remember to use markers to label your boxes with the room name and item contents, also it is best to write this info on the side of the box instead of the top.

Water Bottle

Moving is hard work, so remember to stay hydrated!


Snacking is important while you move and bars are quick and easy. We love eating bars made by ClifBar®


The 1.5 cubic feet small box is the most popular box, it is perfect for books and other heavy items.

packing paper

Packing paper is good for protecting fragile items and filling up space in boxes to decrease wiggle room. You can also use news paper or towels/blankets.