Moving on a Rainy Day

It’s raining in LA!

Over the last 30 years Los Angeles averages 14.93 inches of rain per year, which is 62% less than the national average of 39.17 inches (1).

That means there are more yeti sightings per year than inches of rain in LA per year!

So with Southern California’s ridiculous ongoing record of drought we should be ecstatic to have a rainy day, unless of course you’re moving.

Rain on move day can be an added annoyance on an already stressful situation. So we thought we would give you a few tips on how to be prepared for your move on a rainy day.
How to move on a rainy day


You should be checking the weather a few days in advanced on your favorite weather app or online. So if rain is expected you know about it.



Moving blankets and moving boxes are not water proof so shrink wrapping your items will protect them from rain. You should be shrink wrapping your bed and box spring (or use a mattress pad) especially since rain can cause mold in a bed. Also, furniture should be shrink wrapped after the blankets are put on. Boxes containing electrical items should be shrink wrapped after loading the items into the box (also remember to label the boxes). Art should definitely be shrink wrapped and any other valuables that you want to ensure don’t get any water damage.



Wear the right shoes you don’t want to slip and damage your items or worse hurt yourself.


Fourth, PLAN IT OUT!

Obviously you want keep your items in the rain for as little as possible, even if it is protected. Get all your items ready to move from the original home into the moving truck and plan what will go where inside of the moving truck, so you don’t have to leave things outside of the truck in the rain.



Place rugs or towels on both sides of the entryway of your home to stop from tracking in mug or water. This technique can also be used on the old home. You can also have an indoors crew and outdoors crew to ensure no mud or water gets on the floors.



With rainy weather comes rainy day traffic. Just prepare for things to take a little bit longer, remember to drive safely and turn on your car lights. Also, you and your moving helpers should be more careful when carrying your items and moving a little bit slower to make sure neither of you slip on water.


Let us know if this was helpful and comment if you have any other suggestions on how to make a move easier on a rainy day.